ECOPartner – Parteneriat pentru ecoinovare

Swiss – Romanian Cooperation Program sustaining the Partnership for eco-innovation

Initiated by the Association National Centre for Sustainable Production and Consumption from Romania in partnership with the Genevese Association for Circular Development of Circular Economy from Switzerland and the Romanian Cluster Association, the project aims to promote eco-innovation in the Romanian enterprises, to contribute to capacity building of the Romanian experts for providing support services in the area of eco-innovation and to create cooperation and support models for businesses and policy makers.

The Green Entrepreneurs Club is the first initiative of this type in Romania, an model initiated to support companies to identify viable development solutions and new eco-innovative business models; within the club’s activities and workshops , the companies will be given the possibility to learn and apply eco-innovative strategies, interact and exchange experiences, and utilize documentary resources of new created eco-innovation portal.

The Romanian Network for Eco-innovation (RN –EN) established during the project, will contribute to develop and strength the partnership for eco-innovation will become a dialog partner for policy makers and will support the economic, academic and expert environments with common interest in the area of eco-innovation.

The “Eco-innovation Manual” and the online eco-innovation portal will guide application of concept in companies, will present the business case for eco-innovation and will facilitate the access to more documentary resources.

Training in Eco-innovation, 22-24 February 2016, Timisoara

Between 22 to 24 February 2016 the National Centre for Sustainable Production and Consumption (CNPCD) together with the Romanian Cluster Association (Clustero) and (Adegeve) organised in Timisoara an educational program in the field of eco-innovation. The purpose of the training was to improve knowledge in eco-innovation and create new skills among experts that will support businesses to apply and promote mechanisms and policies that will promote eco-innovation.

A total of 20 people selected in the first session were trained in topics such as eco-innovation strategy, eco-design, and life cycle assessment (LCA). After three days of training, the participants understood in what cases one can apply LCA, which are the four steps of an LCA study and how a LCA software works. Also, they became familiar with the management of an efficient eco-innovation process and how eco-conception can reduce the environmental impact.

Detailed content of the training program can be found here.

The training was supported by the Swiss experts of AGEDEVE:

– Mr. David Rochat – Master in Environment Engineering, Expert in integrating LCA and sustainability strategies in the management of companies;

– Mrs. Anne Verniquet – Executive MBA in Management of Innovation and sustainable development management tools.

Seminary for eco-innovation in clusters, 17 May 2016, Galati

In the frame of the ECOPARTNER project, co-funded by the Switzerland – Romania Bilateral Cooperation Programme, the Romanian Cluster Association together with Galati Industrial Park and Danubius University of Galati organised on May the 17th, 2016, a seminary dedicated to eco-innovation in clusters. They were presented the advantages of joining the Romanian Network for Eco-innovation and how the cluster managers can support this concept among the members of the clusters. Also, financial and non-financial instruments for supporting SMEs to (eco)innovate were presented within the broader frame of the Danube Strategy.