The main objective of the project is to increase the competitiveness in the manufacturing industry by promoting production and sustainable consumption patterns, the specific objective being that of increasing competitiveness of innovative clusters and benchmarking the competitiveness of industrial sectors – sustainable industrial policy tools that are adapted to the globalization era.

The project’s goal (S) is to identify and analyse strategic elements regarding competitiveness, sustainability and the performance of industrial sectors in order to develop strategies, programs and measures for the integration and harmonization of Romania’s industrial policy in the policies and strategies at the EU level. In its turn, the goal is detailed in the form of five specific objectives.

These objectives can be detailed as the following measurable objectives (MO):

1. Analysis of the current situation in the European Union in terms of industrial policy, focusing on clusters (OM11)
2. Analysis of the current situation in Romania in terms of industrial policy, economic development tools and the situation of clusters (OM12)
3. Detailed analysis of at least 4 European models (2 in Western Europe, 2 from New Member States) with the potential to adapt to the Romanian reality (OM13)
4. Development of a set of indicators of economic performance analysis and of potential development of economic sectors analysis, according to European practice and adapted to the Romanian reality (OM21)
5. Development of a set of indicators fort he qualitative and quantitative analysis of clusters, in order to determine their role in the sustainable economic development of the national economy, according to European practice and adapted to the Romanian reality (OM22)
6. Evaluation of industrial sectors and clusters, based on the indicators mentioned above (OM23)
7. Development of industrial studies, also by including foresight type forecasts of their development (OM31)
8. Support to generating and developing innovative clusters through specific consulting (OM32)
9. Benchmarking of at least 4 relevant Romanian clusters with similar ones in the European Union (OM41)
10. Development of an integrated financial and non–financial measures system to support industries and industrial policy instruments (clusters, networks, etc.) (OM51)
11. Development of industrial policy recommendations in order to achieve sustainable economic growth adapted to the globalization era (OM52)
12. Development of a mechanism for evaluating and monitoring the results of financial and non–financial state interventions in the economy (OM53)
13. Development of a project pipe line in order to dimension the financial effort of supporting industrial policy instruments (especially clusters) during the 2013-2020 period (OM54)
14. Creating an online instrument for assessing and monitoring the economic performance of clusters (OM55).

The project includes the following stages:

Stage I – Comparative analysis of strategies, policies and of industrial development instruments, with emphasis on the role of cluster structures / pole of competitiveness in Romania and in the European Union and identifying specific instruments and measures to support innovative partnerships
= September 16 – November 30, 2011 (2 and a half months)
Stage II – Evaluation of the development potential of economic sectors in Romania compared to European trends
= December 1st, 2011 – June 30, 2012 (7 months)
Stage III – Design and implementation of programs / measures to improve the competitiveness of industrial sectors, also taking into account the measures provided in the future Common Strategic Framework for Research and Innovation Funding in the EU in 2013-2020 (O5)
= July 1st – November 30, 2012 (5 months).